071: Branding, Influence, and Impact with Mike Kim

Through my many years of entrepreneurship and public speaking I’ve happened upon some of the worlds leaders in their fields. From branding and podcasting to public speaking and business. I’ve decided that I want to share their knowledge with you in helping you get your message heard.
The first episode in this new format I knew I had to have my good friend Mike Kim on.
Mike is a marketing consultant, communications strategist, and copywriter. His goal: to help you live your message, love your work, and leave your mark on the world.
He does this by sharing his professional insights on marketing, personal branding, and one of his life’s passions: self-development. He’s shaped the verbal and visual identity of numerous organizations, helping them get their message, product, or service to market.
Money Flows to Mastery
Where are you a master in your expertise? If you haven’t gotten there yet, how are you going to get there? You must invest time, money, and effort to become a master at that particular skill. Once you are able to be the go to person, money will flow to you.
Slowly Build Your Skill Set
You can’t master everything on day one. Slowly building your business piece by piece is a very strategic approach to reaching your goals. Adding different things on a yearly basis allows you the time and devotion to make sure that what you’re offering adds value and you’re delivering at your best.
Your high ticket item may not be the most expensive
Mike talks about how Burberrys number one driver in revenue is one of their cheapest bags. They create a high quality product and offers it to the masses. Doing this gives you more reach, makes you more accessible, and can create a real ‘cash cow’ and residual income for your business.

Michael Hudson071: Branding, Influence, and Impact with Mike Kim