078: Unlocking your true potential in life with Sean Douglas

Sean Douglas is a U.S. Air Force veteran, TEDx speaker, Master Resilience Implementer, Suicide Awareness trainer, Performance Enhancement expert, international radio show host, and author.
Considered an“Icon of Influence in the New Media Space,” Sean hosts the popular live online radio show, Life Transformation Radio which is heard in over 58 countries and has thousands of weekly listeners.
His journey to get to where he is now was not short and straightforward, though, and today, he will share with us how, from rock bottom, he climbed his way out of the darkest moment in his lifeunlocking his true potential in the process.
Find Your Voice
Contrary to what you’d expect from a speaker, Sean shares that he was not born outspoken. In fact, he bottled up a lot of things while growing up. It wasn’t until he joined the Air Force and became a drill instructor that he realized that he has a lot of things to say, and he credits that experience with awakening his passion for speaking and training.
Find Your Why
Sean mentions that people who want to become public speakers often ask him how to get booked for a gig. He said that this is a good question, but the better one should be:“Whyshould I speak to other people?” Ask yourself what message you want to send out and what you want the people who received them to do afterward.
Sometimes, we get so consumed with projecting the right image or thinking about the right things to say that the message that we are trying to convey get lost along the way. Sean understands this, but he encourages people to keep things simple.“Letthe mess of your life be the message and the tests that you’ve gone through be your testimony.”
Never Give Up
Sean has come a long way from that dark period in his life when he used to abuse alcohol and made a suicide attempt, but he’s quick to emphasize that his life is not a success story.
He admits that he still struggles with a lot of things; however, what makes his story different from others’ is that whenever he encounters difficulties, he doesn’t give up; he gets pissedand it gives him the determination to keep trying and trying.
Stop Comparing Yourself With Other People
We all have someone that we look up to, even him, according to Sean; however, he cautions us to stop comparing ourselves with other people because we are walking down different paths. If we keep on counting other people’s blessings, we might end up losing sight of ours.
Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude
“Every moment is a teachable moment,” Sean says. That’s why it’s up to us to find meaning in the things that happen to us no matter what they may be.“Ifyou have an attitude of gratitude, you start to see the blessings in everything.”
Unlock Your True Potential
Sean co-runs The Success Corps where he and his teammates offer life transformation skills and business strategies to millennials up to 50-year-old professionals, military veterans, speakers, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Email him at to join them today.
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