090: Using Storytelling to Define Your Message with Jody Maberry

Jody Maberry is a former park ranger who uses the park ranger gifts of storytelling and interpretation to help people collect the right stories and experiences to give clarity to their message.  
He is the host of 7 podcasts including The Jody Mabery Show and Creating Disney Magic, a popular radio show that offers lessons in leadership, management, and customer service. 
Join me today as we get to know more about him and how he creates everyday magic in the things he does.
Describing What He Does 
If you asked Jody what he does, you’d probably have to wait for a few seconds for an answer because he says it’s one of the things that he’s always had trouble explaining off the top of his head — mostly because he’s done so many things that couldn’t probably be any different from one another. [Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]He started as a Financial Analyst for a bank before becoming a Park Ranger. He then  transitioned to a Marketing Consultant before eventually dabbing into podcasting. 
Using Podcasting as a Business Tool 
“People know me through podcasting, but I view podcasting as just a tool to get some of that other stuff out of people,” Jody says.  
And it can be quite an effective one at that.  
As a matter of fact, he’s been able to use podcasting to pull out knowledge and experiences that clients used to have trouble articulating into words and turn them into something more concrete — something that would allow them to have a clearer understanding of the message that they want to send out to their own customers.  
The Magic Formula 
The title of the podcast that Jody co-hosts with his partner, Lee Cockerell, may be “Creating Disney Magic,” but Jody says that there’s no magic formula when it comes to success. Instead, you need to constantly adapt to find out what works for you and what does not — and that’s where the magic lies. 
When you seek out opportunities to learn and grow, you get to meet all these wonderful people and live all these wonderful experiences that you might not have been able to do so otherwise. 
Teachable Moments 
Jody believes in seeking out opportunities to learn and grow, but he also acknowledges that there are times when some of the best lessons in life come when you least expect them.  
He then shares how he once had a hard time deciding whether he should raise his fees or not, just to find out that Lee Cockerell (who wasn’t his partner at that time yet) has recently increased his fees — convincing him to finally raise his own.  
It may not have been intentional on Lee’s part, but it gave him the push he needed — and exactly when he needed it the most. 
Word of Advice to Other Entrepreneurs 
Jody acknowledges that podcasting is not always the best solution for everyone, but if you’re just starting out your business, he definitely recommends that you give it a try.  
“Start podcasting even if no one listens. As you start to speak out what you believe, it actually starts to form it. If you take what’s in your head and you say it out loud, it gives it shape, it gives it meaning that starts to stick,” Jody says. 
If you want to know more about Jody Maberry, you can touch base with him through his personal website, You might also want to check out and subscribe to his podcast channel at learn what you need to do to launch your own podcast channel in 2018.
Michael Hudson090: Using Storytelling to Define Your Message with Jody Maberry