097: New Year, New Direction with Michael Hudson

Now out of the interviewer’s chair and straight onto the guest seat; surely it is a delight to see a little twist isn’t it?

In today’s episode Jody Maberry, a marketing consultant, and podcaster who has pretty much been there from the beginning of the podcast turns the tables on Michael and takes over the show!

Achieving a stability in podcasting 

Michael Hudson jokes he is a ‘slow learner’ when it comes to podcasting. His podcasts have been on the air for close to 100 episodes, and his commitment to seeing the process through has been kept stable by a desire to observe protocols and try new things over time.

Hudson believes that putting out his thoughts and ideas, speaking out loud each time – especially during his podcasts – has helped him understand perspectives to each view, separating what makes sense from what doesn’t.

“I’m a shiny object guy, I’m an idea guy, you know, there’s nothing that thrills me more than to get an idea and say ‘lemme go see if somebody else has done it, how can I learn’ and all of that stuff” Hudson says.

The weekly commitment to his podcasts offered the chance to build a focusing process and be able to speak to people consequently influencing them.

Core lessons learned from early podcast episodes

Hudson has a teaching style that includes fixing up a few key points and expanding on those points throughout his lecture.

It is no wonder that his fundamental belief, as he puts it, says “Your journey teaches you lessons that others need to know, and the reason you were brought to this planet is to share those lessons,”

The second point to that belief is that “if you don’t figure out what those lessons meant, you can never share them effectively.” And a lot of the first podcast episodes were centered on how he figured things out for himself.

Hudson also learnt that it is never easy to know just who is listening in on your program, and who you are impacting per time and this inspires him to keep doing what he does.

How he charged things up

Hudson learned to stop being a stereotype in the kind of questions he asks during podcasts. Now, he focuses on making it a conversation. In his own words: “Let the conversation flow.”

Initially he would pick out at a bunch of questions – usually 9 or 10 – and ask them to the guests during the show, but down the line, he realized that it was all kind of boring when he did that.

Right now, there are only two questions he will almost certainly ask; what the guests are grateful for in their business, and what book(s) they can recommend for the listeners out there..

Hudson also learned a big lesson on time; going higher than you think you can. He makes a dream list of guests to be invited on air. And despite initial fears on getting a rejection, he goes ahead and makes contact nonetheless.

Framing the show to look like a show is also very important to Hudson.

“Prepare your guests so that they know what to expect,” Hudson said, while speaking on ways to get your guest fully involved and making the podcast episode lively.

He normally gives his guests a specific sheet that offers pointers on what the show will entail. “When the guests get that, they will pay attention and they will help you make that show a success.” Hudson said.

Guests that really made a great show and challenged Hudson

He recalls quite a lot of cases where he had guests come on his podcast show and then after a while realized that they had offered so much more insight than he had expected.’

Refusing to mention any names, he recalled the excitement in interacting with certain guests who repeatedly showed that they ‘know their content’ and are well driven on their chosen path.

The future of “Get your message heard” podcast

“What comes next is really trying to take the work to a new level” as Hudson puts it. He is focused on discovering clarity on his central theme and what his true message is.

He confirmed that the future would all be about “Resonance, Repeating and Replay” for his podcast series.

The upcoming three episodes will feature more explanation on these 3 concepts.

His reasons for podcasting and advice for those who desire the path

Hudson believes that being a podcaster provides clarity to you on your own thinking, and that there truly is nothing more valuable than that.

He also believes that podcasting offers the chance to execute the ‘three Rs’; to resonate your ideas to your audience, then have a chance to repeat those ideas at any time, then of course your ideas get replayed by other people over time.

It is quite obvious that Hudson places value on being known for a precise set of values that his work represents, something like a niche and not just running around discussing every topic or idea.


Michael Hudson097: New Year, New Direction with Michael Hudson