098: We Need To Talk

With the 100th episode of Get Your Message Heard just around the corner, it’s time to take a step back and explore where we’ve been and where we’re going. In today’s episode Michael gets personal about the path he has been on since launching the podcast and sets the stage for sharing a bit about the path forward (tune in to Episode 99 next week to learn more about that). 

Before diving in to the content of the episode, Michael shared an opportunity that can help you get some personal visibility for your brand…here are the details: 

A chance to join Michael for the Live Recording of Episode 100 — One of the most rewarding things that has happened since Get Your Message Heard was launched is the moments when listeners reach out to share an insight you’ve received from an episode of the podcast that helped them.  

If you’re one of those people Michael wants to know what helped you and wants you to help him share it with others who might also benefit. All you have to do is complete this one-week challenge: 

  • Share at least three insights you’ve gotten from episodes of Get Your Message Heard on at least two social media platforms between January 7th and January 14th to be entered into a drawing where 5 listeners will be invited to join Michael for the Facebook LIVE recording of Episode 100.  
  • Be sure to do these three things: 
  • Link to the episode’s blog post — each episode has a post that can be found at (where ### is the episode number) 
  • Tag Michael in the post — you can find Michael on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter @DrMichaelHudson 
  • Use the hashtag #ChangeImpactAction to make it easy for the posts to be found. 
  • What if you’re not a social media person? Then you can send an email to and share your insights directly with Michael. But if you do use social media, please follow that path as the goal is to reveal the value of the podcast to others. 

That’s all there is to it: Share 6 posts on social media following these steps and you’ll be entered. You can start anytime, but posts must be up by 5 pm on Monday, January 14th to be considered. 

Oh, and block your calendar for 2 pm to 3:30 pm Eastern on January 15th so you will be available for the Facebook Live Broadcast (and please join me even if you aren’t one of the 5 selected)! 

PS: The one person who ‘blows me away’ with their sharing of their insights will receive a complimentary 90-minute deep dive strategy call with me…Who will that be? 

Now, sit back, settle in, and envision that you’re having a one-on-one conversation with Michael about what Get Your Message Heard has meant to his business, his clients, and his vision for the future. Here are a few highlights: 

  • Use 3 Words to Guide Your Year — Michael is a fan of Chris Brogan’s approach of choosing three words at the beginning of the year to set your mind on what you want to achieve. His 3 words for 2019 are #ChangeImpactAction 
  • Acknowledge and Own Your Superpowers — Most of us spend too much time and energy trying to become better at things we don’t do well, instead of focusing on doing what we do well better. One of the lessons that’s emerged from doing 97 episodes of the podcast is the recognition that focusing on your strengths is the path to real impact.  

That’s what enables you to get clear on the problem you are here to solve for the people you are meant to serve. If you’re unclear about what they are, consider using the Clifton Strengths Finder to identify your strengths and then start working every day to align your actions to live into those strengths! 

  • You Need a Velvet Rope — We’ve all seen the velvet rope at movie premieres and nightclubs, even if only in the movies. The truth is you need a velvet rope in your business that makes it clear who you serve and who you don’t serve. It is the only path to clarity for you and the best way to increase your influence, impact, and income. Don’t make the mistake of trying to serve everyone because that is NOT why you are here. (You can learn a lot more about this concept by reading Michael Port’s Book Yourself Solid. 
  • The Journey Takes Time — Michael shares the story of his journey (that began in the fall of 2014) of refocusing his work from serving a single niche to doing the ‘great work’ he believes he was put on the planet to do. A key pivot point was encountering Michael Bungay Stanier’s book Do More Great Work and hearing the keynote about it at a conference where completion of a simple pie chart revealed what was missing in Michael’s work. 
  • You’ve Got to Respect the Process — Truth be told it took much longer for the Get Your Message Heard podcast and Michael’s new work to get traction. One reason was that there were some things that needed to be sorted out personally before the change could full take hold. It also helped that after selling the niche business at the end of 2015 Michael continued working with a handful of clients and wound their projects down in 2016, 2017, and early 2018. That backstop of revenue bought some time to map the path forward, probably more than was required. 

All of these things combine to explain why the path forward for Get Your Message Heard will continue to evolve in some important ways as Michael homes in on serving the people he can best help — tune in to Episode 99 next week to learn more. 

Michael Hudson098: We Need To Talk