099: We Need To Talk – Part II

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Last week, as a lead up to the 100th episode of Get Your Message Heard next week, Michael took a step back and to explore where we’ve been and where we’re going. In today’s “Part II” he reveals a bit more about the path forward (if you missed it, you might want to listen to  Episode 98 before diving into this one so you get the full context).  

Now, sit back, settle in, and envision that you’re having “Part II” of that one-on-one conversation with Michael that we started last week about what Get Your Message Heard has meant to his business, his clients, and his vision for the future.  

Here are a few highlights: 

  • Repel the Wrong Ones — Focusing your work on serving the people you are best suited to serve is the key to growing your business. Find the ones who fit by leveraging your strengths to deliver solutions to the specific problems they have that transform their lives. Then map your messaging to attract those people and that will help the ones who don’t fit recognize it which will save you time, effort, and energy! 
  • You’ve Got to Silence the Voices — A big part of the journey in the early episodes of Get Your Message Heard was about silencing the voices that constantly strive to convince us of what we can’t do. They hold us back, make us overthink and hesitate to act, and generally get in the way every time we start to gain momentum.  

So how do you silence them? Get clear on the “core framework” you use to solve the problems you solve for the people you serve. Recognize that what you find easy is often amazing to others and find ways to do more of what you do best. That will quiet the voices because you will be aligned and on purpose. 

P.S. It might take some work to get clear and there will be some trial and error, some testing and learning, and some less than fulfilling moments. But taking regular action is the only path

  • Choose a Definable Audience and Talk Directly to Them  Growing a business is not easy, particularly in the early stages. You start with an idea, you find a couple of clients and start delivering your products or services, then you begin to build a team that allows you to serve more of them. Then one day you realize you are operating at (more likely, beyond) your capacity. It’s time to scale the business. 

At that point two things matter most: (1) defining the audience you are seeking to attract, and (2) crafting all of your messaging to attract them. This is where Michael’s sweet spot is: Helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and cause leaders who are ready to scale up map their messaging so they can speak their vision into existence. 

The secret sauce boils down to 3 steps: 

  • Making sure your messages are crafted so the audience will RELATE to it. Using their words, speaking to their problems, painting the picture of the transformation they want and need. 
  • Committing to REPEAT those messages until you are almost tired of sharing them because the reality is that many aren’t listening or hearing what you want them to the first few times. When they start smiling, nodding, and finishing your sentences you’re getting close to having said it enough. 
  • Enabling those who hear your messages to REPLAY them just like they do their favorite song. It may sound slightly different (like a live or in concert version), but the gist of the message is there. And that gives you leverage and makes scaling of your efforts possible! 
  • Learn from Guests and Add Your Insights — Shifting Get Your Message Heard from a solo show to an interview show has changed things in many ways. One thing that listeners have shared with Michael is that they sometimes wish they heard more about how he sees the insights shared in the interviews.  

That’s why one change that is coming is the inclusion of regular solo episodes where Michael will tie things together and call out the most valuable insights from the recent episodes. And if enough listeners share their questions there will be regular Q&A episodes. 

P.S. If you have a question, please send it to and it will be addressed on a future episode. 

  • You Need Pathways for Clients & Customers — One thing that has become clearer than anything else during the life of Get Your Message Heard is the power and importance of having clear pathways for the people who want to engage with you. If, like Michael, you have a servant heart, it is difficult to say no to people who don’t fit or whom you just don’t have the capacity to serve. 

In some cases, they aren’t ready for what you can deliver, and it would be a disservice to try and help that at the place where they are. In other cases, there is a mismatch of values and vision that needs to be acknowledged to maintain your integrity to the work you do. That’s why you need to know (before you are inundated) how you will handle the path of prospective clients and where you will lead them when they raise their hand to engage with you. 

Listen in to learn more about these things and to identify the insights that will best serve you.

Michael Hudson099: We Need To Talk – Part II

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