101: Celebrating a Milestone with an Unscripted Q&A —Part II

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Kevin McBroom —What are some creative ways you suggest to overcome self-limiting beliefs/imposter syndrome? 

Jeanette BroneeHow do you gain clarity about why your message matter so you can craft the message? 

Mike Brennan —What is the most effective way to determine interest of other surrounding initiative you are looking to launch? 

Jason Smith —For business goals you set a financial milestone or customers served goal? 

Bill McConnell —I’m taking a huge leap of faith into an online business concept I’ve never done before. My money up front. No guarantees on the backend. Exciting potential and value in the middle. What words of encouragement and direction would you give when it comes to getting my “marketing” message heard for this event? 

Murtaza VersiWhy is it important to have a coach or mentor to help clarify self-imposed obstacles? 

Paul Klein —In regards to income, how much financial runway in terms of months do you recommend when making a pivot or what I am calling going from “Client & Project” work and moving to “Content & Products” work? 

Kevin Breeding —How do you decide when to invest in yourself by getting outside expert help? How do you know it’s time versus when you are just buying another course to keep yourself busy instead of doing the hard work we like to avoid? 

Tom Schwab —How can I accelerate or fast track results? I’ve heard stories of people who spend years speaking for free at Rotary, coffee clubs, and even the opening of an envelope before they ever get paid on stage. 

John Hulen(1) What are a few of the best ways to turn speeches/keynotes into performances? (2) What are some ways the server audiences before and after the performances? (3) What are some ways I can help other entrepreneurs who don’t speak in front of audiences understand the need for and how to improve their speaking abilities? 

AimeMiyamoto —Along the theme of integrating the brand dynamics of authority and relatability what would you recommend regarding an intentional approach to share the “realities of the bumpy and often experimental/unpredictable road of entrepreneurship” with your audience with authenticity and still embody the grounded and compelling presence of expertise and professional authority? This is a dance I’ve been struggling with. 

Barbara Burns Churchill —I want to create a larger speaking presence this year and want to know the fastest way to do that. I don’t have a book (yet) and you speaking as a business development tool to connect with leaders so I can help their organizations with my programs. Advice? 

Thanks for listening to this unscripted Q&A. 


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Michael Hudson101: Celebrating a Milestone with an Unscripted Q&A —Part II

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