103: The Real Story Behind My 60 Pound Weight Loss

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If you’ve been listening to the last few episodes of Get Your Message Heard, you’ve recognized that a lot of thinking has been going on in my world. In fact, I’ve done more (and better) strategic thinking about my business in 2019 than I have allowed myself to do in a long time. 

A big driver of that has been the realignment of myself with my brand and my vision. Let me explain. 

For years I’ve been living out of balance. Medicating myself with sugar and riding the emotional roller coaster that comes with that — something that it took me much too long to realize was in my way. 

In this week’s episode I share a bit more about that and reveal the real story behind my 60+ pound weight loss, including the inciting incident that ‘woke’ me to the need to FINALLY solve a lifelong problem. 

It’s not being shared to push anyone to make a similar journey, but instead to help Get Your Message Heard listeners understand why this change in the way I physically walk the planet now has been so impactful in my vison for my work. If that inspires someone to take action and change something in their life that is in their way, that will be a bonus from sharing the story. 

There is one other thing that led me to share my journey back to what I weighed when I graduated from high school — the desire to push the people who listen to the show to think bigger about who they are, why they are here, and what they can accomplish. 

I recorded this episode while driving home from 3-days working with a client and meeting with some mastermind colleagues. During the latter I had a photographer grab some new action shots — I simply could not continue to see the disconnect between who I am now and the photos of who I used to be (which still shows on the podcast image, by the way). 

As I drove into the sunrise that morning, I was struck by just how much potential we all have and started wondering how many of the people I engage with are trapped by something they have not even acknowledged, let alone taken action to change. So, I opened my recording app and decided to record this episode while thinking about that and starting my day. 

I hope the story serves you and stimulates you to take action on something that you know you need to fix. Because arriving on the other side a major change amazing. Being forever changed and knowing it is incredible and opens doors you never even knew were closed. 

YOUR TURN:I’m curious — what’s your story? What’s in your way that you need to fix? What dream do you have that you’re not pursuing because it feels too big? Please share a comment or send an e-mail to info@michaelhudson.comand let me know how I can help you get started.

Michael Hudson103: The Real Story Behind My 60 Pound Weight Loss

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