From Early Entrepreneur to Educator

When I was 7 years-old I started my first business — riding my bike door to door in my rural neighborhood selling greeting cards and tschotkes to make money to buy Christmas presents. At 15 I started a disc jockey business (back in the days of vinyl records, turntables, and tube amplifiers, and gigantic speakers), and at 17 a cabinet and countertop business with my father.

The truth is the only thing other than being an entrepreneur that ever appealed to me was teaching — which is why I “ran away from home at 20” to become a college professor. After all, an academic institution is essentially a collection of entrepreneurs connected by a central heating system.

Learning that Vision Drives Impact

My time in academia reinforced my connection to thinking differently and behaving entrepreneurially. Those in the know realize that means I was often pushing against the boundaries — that’s what enabled me to lead the creation of a nationally recognized program in Food and Agribusiness Management at the University of Illinois and then build a university-wide Entrepreneurship and Personal Enterprise Program at Cornell University.

Both of those efforts, as well as my research and teaching, were always driven the creation and communication of a vision of what was possible. That is what convinced me that thinking big and mapping a vision are the critical path to massive impact.

Returning to Entrepreneurship

The more time I spent in the world of bureaucracy, the more I realized I just didn’t fit. My desire to lead my own show became more important and looking for a way to do that while continuing to fulfill my desire to teach led me into full-time speaking, coaching, and consulting.

Driven by of my firm beliefs about creating a vision and communicating it into existence, I quickly gravitated toward strategic planning and visioning work — ultimately working closely with leaders and their teams to improve their organizations, so they could build the cultures they needed to achieve the visions they had defined.

I believe that anything is possible if you can craft a clear vision of the destination and that once you do it becomes easy to create it if you commit to communicating it effectively to those whose support you need.

Michael Hudson

It is Always Been About Communication

Throughout all of these experiences, one thing always mattered most to me — being effective in communicating. Perhaps that was because I was petrified to speak in public as a child. Once I overcame that fear I quickly realized how powerful it can be to be heard and understood — something I have always strived to help my clients do.

That’s why today my work is so heavily focused on strategic communication and why my work always begins at the strategic level and then drills down to make sure the messaging being used is aligned with and in support of both personal and organizational vision strategic visions. It’s just who I am.

Helping Entrepreneurs, Experts, and Executives

That’s why it has been my great privilege to serve over 3,000 entrepreneurs, experts, and executive across the past 35 years — helping them unlock their potential and the potential of their businesses by mastering their messaging and its delivery to create the outcomes they are seeking. Through keynote speeches, workshops, one-on-one and group coaching, and consulting projects I work side-by-side to help map the vision and communicate it into the minds of everyone involved so it gets spoken into existence.

It would be my honor to help you in the same way. If you’d like to explore how we can get started, please click the button below.

  • After attending Michael’s bootcamp, I now have proven strategies to put into action in my business. I absolutely recommend Michael to people and organizations that need to find a clear path forward in building a successful business.

    Danny Ozment Emerald City Productions
  • I hired Michael Hudson to help me with strategic planning for my business. I’ve been in business for myself for 30 years and this is the first time I have ever felt totally confident about the future of my business. Michael has a special way of asking questions, putting you at ease, then coming up with these brilliant insights that add both a lot of money to your bottom line and peace of mind to your being. I recommend him strongly.

    DAVID GARFINKEL - World CopywritingInstitute.com
  • I love speakers who master both the ART and SCIENCE involved in great speaking. My friend, Michael Hudson is one of those masters. And he masters in what really matters — presence, connection, authenticity, and results. I am thrilled he is now helping others do the same.

    Kevin Monroe - Connecting High Achievers to Higher Purpose KevinDMonroe.com
  • One needs some guidance and support to move in the right direction. Michael did just that by adding value to my Strategy via a mapping approach and supporting me through monthly checks, support, and guidance. I have been able to see results in 3 months after the first session.

    Murtaza Versi Founder and CEO, Noesistz.com
  • Michael has been a pleasure to work with. His out-of-the-box techniques allowed us to go farther in the visioning process. He is an individual with high energy and integrity.

    Jeff Banning - President/CEO - Trinity Logistics, Inc.
  • Michael has a way of drawing out clarity from the vague. His methods allowed me to create digestible actionable steps, providing a catalyst for me refine my message.

    Daphne V. Smith Speaker and Author of What's YOUR Scarlet Letter?
  • Michael Hudson is a brilliant teacher of dynamic communication. He is seasoned, strategic, and unique in his ability to draw out and develop the communicator and thus leader, in each person.

    Mike Kim - Personal Brand Strategist and Creator of The Pivot Course(tm)
  • There was no shortage of great ideas coming from Michael Hudson during our brainstorming sessions. He was more than generous with his time—his help and his guidance were instrumental to me reaching my goals and objectives. His integrity is a true testament to his character. You won’t go wrong investing in Michael’s services.

    Paul Fedynich - DE Broker/Branch Vice President - Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
  • Michael Hudson is a genius in the field of public speaking. He understands the what, why and how of communicating with an audience. Working with Michael will take your message to the next level through the most important element, story.

    Kirk Bowman - Visionary of Value
  • Michael Hudson is a difference-maker. He is a wise counselor who speaks vision into other people. He helps you articulate your own vision. And he helps you communicate that vision with power, purpose, and passion.

    Ray Edwards - Author - How to Write Copy That Sells
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