GYMH 54 – Overcoming The Barriers to Purpose

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On our paths to purpose, we all meet with barriers that make us wonder if we’ll ever find what we are meant to do or how we will do it. Not too long ago Dr. Michael Hudson was interviewed for the Higher Purpose Podcast by his good friend, Kevin Monroe, about many types of barriers and how they both have overcome them. They also share the things they learned and how you can apply it in your everyday life.
Do you need permission to follow your purpose?
Permission, clarity, and self-doubt are some of the most common factors that affect people. Do we feel we need to have permission to follow our purpose? How clear do we need to be on our purpose before we move forward? And finally, the self-critic, asking ‘who am I’ to do this. Ever thought any of those yourself?
Is money holding you back?
One of the other most common barriers on the list is the financial ability to follow one’s purpose. How will you finance your dream? Michael shares his own take on the money aspect, asking: Is that just an excuse? How do you feel about your own transition on the path of purpose?
Are you living in your comfort zone?
Michael explains how people create barriers for themselves, specifically the bar they set. When you think about where you want to be, figuring out how to get there can be scary. It’s much more comfortable to stay where you are. Living in our comfort zone is one of the most disastrous things we can do to ourselves, just like setting a high bar without knowing it is achievable with a series of (mis)steps.
Silence your inner critic.
The inner critic can stop you dead in your tracks on your path to purpose. What is it? That little voice inside constantly telling you that you aren’t good enough to do something. The one that says you’ll never make it. Michael and Kevin talk about their own inner critics. They’ll never go away, but they can be managed, pushed aside. Take out the ‘head trash.’
Tips to get rid of your head trash.
Michael shares some practical steps to get rid of your own head trash and push aside the inner critic. Maybe you journal, but if you’re a verbal processor, maybe you should dictate. If you’re social, do you have someone to talk with? There’s a way for everyone to work through their ‘stuff’ even if it’s just writing thoughts down on a note and burning them.
Recommended Action
Make a list of your clients. Put a plus sign by the ones you can’t wait to work with. Put a minus sign on those you dread, who aren’t living up to their end of the partnership. For those whom you don’t feel strongly about, put a zero. Next, ask yourself if the pluses and zeros are a result of you or the client. In the cases where it’s the client, consider ‘firing’ them.
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Michael HudsonGYMH 54 – Overcoming The Barriers to Purpose

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