Real, Practical Ideas and Solutions for Your Audience

When you hire me to deliver a keynote, you’re creating a valuable experience for your audience where they’ll gain new perspectives and solutions from real-world examples and walk away with practical actions they can take immediately.

Often meeting planners will also have me deliver a workshop session immediately following the keynote to support implementation and add more value for participants.

A Commitment to Customize to Serve Your Audience

If you believe I am the right person to serve your audience, please reach out so we can start the process of creating the right event that will produce the outcomes you are seeking. My commitment to you is to ask the questions that help me understand your vision and craft the message that will deliver it.

Please watch the videos below to see me in action

MASTER YOUR MESSAGE: The 3R’s Method for Being Heard and Understood

Communication is one of the most commonly identified “problems” in business and it’s an easy target in a world overflowing with input from every angle. But is communication the real problem? Or is the problem that too much of what passes for communication is a never-ending barrage of random, disconnected and ever-changing messages without meaning that leaves everyone confused. In this keynote, Michael reveals the critical gaps in messaging that lead to confusion and a lack of clarity. His powerful “3Rs” solution will increase clarity, commitment and consistency to make sure your intended message is heard and understood every time.

Best for These Audiences: Entrepreneurs and business owners/leaders, executives, department and team leaders, growing businesses and corporations, experts (speakers, coaches & consultants).

STEP UP, SHOW UP, & SPEAK UP: Leveraging Life’s Hard-Won Lessons to Increase Your Impact

Often the most important message we have remains locked within because we don’t see how it fits. But when we discover the lessons delivered by the difficult moments we’ve experienced, we illuminate a new path to clarity and connection. In this keynote Michael shares how the path to impact is revealed by life’s most challenging moments and teaches a simple process for working through those moments to reveal your core message — the one earned from your journey that only you can share.

Best for These Audiences: Entrepreneurs and business owners/leaders, experts (speakers, coaches, & consultants, executives and managers at all levels).

SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE: Crafting Your Message to Attract the Right Clients (and Repelling the Wrong Ones)

Everyone readily agrees that the secret path to success is finding a way to make your business stand out. But few succeed, and even fewer are willing to say a firm “No!” to any prospective client or customer. In this keynote, Michael reveals the power and potential of crafting your story to attract those you are built to serve. More important he reveals how to make that same story repel the ones who don’t fit and will only waste your time. Your audience will leave with a clear path to shaping and sharing the message that will make their business simply irresistible.

Best for These Audiences: Entrepreneurs and business owners/leaders, experts (speakers, coaches, & consultants), non-profit and cause leaders and volunteers.

  • The answers are in the questions. To say that Michael is terrific at asking just the right Socratic question, at the right time, is an understatement. He is brilliant at getting to the core issues in both business and personal development. More importantly he is selfless in wanting to assist with helping achieve breakthroughs in leadership and individual results while being approachable, attentive and congenial in his relationships.

    Miguel A. de Jesus - Founder & CEO - Purpose & Action, LLC
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Michael Hudson on several occasions and each time feel he is even better than the time before. He is honest, passionate and a great storyteller. Michael has an easy-going style that welcomes you and his messages are relevant and impactful. Yes, I am a big fan!

    BARBARA AGIN - VP Member Experience & Education NJ Credit Union League
  • Speaker, teacher, coach, strategy and leadership expert. Dr. Michael Hudson has it covered. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Michael on a number of occasions and it has always been a pleasure. He is incredibly knowledgeable about strategy and leadership, and is able to teach concepts in a way that allows executives to apply them to their own organizations in a very practical, real-world kind of way. I cannot recommend Michael more highly.

    Christopher Stephenson - VP/Professional Development & Innovation - Credit Union Executives Society
  • Michael is never short on enthusiasm or professionalism. He is relatable, with a unique ability to personalize the message at hand. I particularly enjoy how he can take a complex, work-related issue, and connect a life-event in a way that helps the audience understand the situation on a more organic level.

    Greg Michlig - President/CEO - New Jersey Credit Union League
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